34287 Dental Office

34287 Dental Office

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Common Causes of Teeth Stains

34287 Dental Office
34287 Dental Office

Most of us have heard at a certain point or another about the importance of regularly getting dental cleanings. But maybe the reasons why aren’t so clear. We’ll get to that…but do know this. If you’re interested in moving forward with a cleaning don’t hesitate to reach out to Eric-John Claessens. You’ll wonder why you didn’t visit our 34287 dental office.

Feel free to jump for joy at the prospect of porcelain white teeth. You deserve it.. Of course, before embarking in that direction, it’s important to self-reflect for a bit. No need for a dramatic spotlight. Instead, ask yourself just how and why your teeth became so yellowed. And then make the necessary lifestyle adjustments in order to make sure teeth whitening results don’t disappear over time. For instance, tooth enamel is particularly vulnerable to certain kinds of chemicals. Mainly you’ll want to stay away from soda, coffee, wine and tea. These beverages are notoriously toxic to teeth, staining them over time. Cigarettes are just as bad if not worse than any combination of these. Not to mention they’re generally horrible for your health. If you can’t eliminate any of these consumption habits, at least look to minimize how often you ingest them. Think you can do it? Sounds like you’re ready for teeth whitening after all. Now setup a meeting with Eric-John Clasessens and head over to our 34287 dental office.

No need to worry…the starting part of this journey doesn’t require jumping through hoops and hurdles.. All you have to do is go ahead and phone or e-mail us—whichever you’re most comfortable with. Scheduling an appointment is easy business, the kind our friendly staff will promptly help you with. Once you’re finished, you should be set to visit Eric-John Claessens. You’ll only be a hop and a skip away from swinging by our 34287 dental office.

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