34287 Invisalign

34287 Invisalign

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Invisalign Braces in 34287

34287 Invisalign
34287 Invisalign

What’s stopping you from getting your teeth straightened? If it’s the fact that you don’t want to wear metal braces, then let us tell you more about Invisalign braces, available from us at the office of Eric-John Claessens DDS PA. Get all the advantages of traditional orthodontic treatment without the negative aspects associated with it.

Metal braces used to be clunky, heavy contraptions with a lot of criss-crossing wires and thick brackets. Today’s version of them is not like that at all. They are lightweight and stylish. But there are some features of them that are deal breakers for some people. Our 34287 Invisalign keeps you comfortable and your orthodontic care unknown to the word. That’s because these braces, which are more accurately described as aligners, are crafted from clear plastic. So they’re invisible. Go about your daily routine without anyone realizing that you have something on your teeth. You won’t have to feel self-conscious. As for comfort, well the reality is that unlike metal that can rub against your mouth and lead to soreness and irritation, plastic will not. They are removable, also. Take out your aligners when you eat, so you can enjoy all of your favorite foods; yes, even the sticky, chewy, and crunchy ones. Take them out also when you brush and floss. Without anything in the way, your oral hygiene will be so much more effective. Every two weeks, you will discard your current set of aligners, replacing them with the next ones. With our 34287 Invisalign, the average is a total of 18 to 36 total aligners over the course of treatment, depending on each person’s unique circumstances, of course.

Our 34287 Invisalign might just have opened up the door to the teeth repositioning that you’ve been putting off. Reach out to us today and arrange a time to come in for an examination and consultation.

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